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Chametz Sale

Since one should not have Chametz on Passover, the Halachic solution is to sell all our Chametz to a Gentile.

So, one needs to put away all the Chametz and Chametz utensils, in a closed place, which should be locked and marked, and out of use for the entire Pesach holiday.

I will make the sale for you, according to the Halacha, and will also handle the purchase back after Passover.

if you are selling Chametz in multiple addresses (i.e. home and work), fill in form for each location

Chametz may be sold on this form until Thursday March 27 at 9pm
Chametz may be used again, Sunday Night, April 4th 2021 at 8:30pm

Happy Passover!
Rabbi Menachem Slavaticki
Chabad Israeli Center – Chicago


Delegation of Power to Sell Chometz

I the undersigned, fully empower and permit Rabbi Menachem Slavaticki, of Chabad of Rechavia, to make him a messenger and he is authorized on my behalf to sell and lease, or by his messenger, up to one hundred messengers, all kinds of Chametz and Chametz mixtures, that are in my possession, and/or my Chametz that may be in the hands of others. I also empower him to lease to a gentile all the places where the Chametz is located.
I disclose here that any Chametz and and Chametz mixtures belonging to us, will be sold to a gentile, at any price he wishes, and the sale will be valid. The Rabbi's hand shall be my extended arm.

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The form was submitted successfully
And the sale will be carried out according to Halacha
Happy Pesach!

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