Truly Committed to Each Other!

The young Chabad community in Neve Geula Hadar Haifa helps about 100 families in Haifa.

The community consists of about fifty families of Chabad followers and alongside them a Sephardic community with fifty additional families descendants from Syria and Morocco. We worked together for years to establish a vibrant Jewish life here. Over time, we succeeded in establishing educational institutions and an active community center with about 40 employees that cater to the Sephardic community that lives next to us in the lower eastern city, and to the many Jewish families who reach out to us from all over the city.

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 virus also affected us. Most of our workers have been laid off, and the rest have been forced to cut their working hours as well as lower their wages. Many in our community and its surroundings are today unable to support their homes and ensure the livelihoods of their families. As soon as we realized the gravity of the situation, we set up an aid fund to help families that turn to us for help to buy food and cover their rents. We are doing our best to ensure that the fund will support these families at least until the end of this crisis, which unfortunately is still out of sight.

We believe that all is well, and we are confident that we will overcome this challenge more strengthened, and we will move directly towards true and complete redemption. However, as Purim and Pesach approach, I appeal to you personally; any donation can save family life and bring a smile back to other Jews.

Please click on the link and take part in this important cause.

Great appreciation,
Rabbi Menachem Mendel Wilshansky, Rabbi of the young Chabad community and head of the Haifa Chabad yeshiva.

To participate in the fund

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